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Thursday, January 6, 2011

With different sizes how men orgasm

Most people believe that man during sex only to take to obtain personal satisfaction. But in fact, in this phenomena behind more profound psychological factors. When the sex time comes, men mostly in their heart for his penis performance is worrying that cannot depart to enjoy it.
 Man should learn to accept the reality. If size problem will always be their lingering sore, then they can through various skills to improve sex effect. Sexual intercourse itself is really simple too simple, unfortunately, sometimes effect is not satisfactory. If you want to eliminate anxiety and with their partners to share the wonderful feeling, you must learn to make full use of its own conditions. In fact, different size and shape of the penis are each have advantages and disadvantages, so long as the master the correct method is able to offer you a beloved woman brings ecstasy so happy.

Female how to achieve orgasm

At present, more and more sex workers like the idea: female orgasm obstacles, is one of the important reasons for the time-honoured, sino-foreign and some "with man as the center of sexual intercourse mode" and "sexual intercourse type libido climax theory". This model and theoretical materially is highly on the "male female missionaries type" sexual intercourse modes, and thinks that can pass this way an orgasm of talents is normal person, and vice versa. However, according to the American famous sex sociologists Sally. Mei's investigation, 70 percent of women are not in to the clitoris direct stimulation produce orgasm. The problem lies the sexual intercourse mode and theory, misled the woman in the whole intercourse always is being moved the party should not, enough sexual stimulation, thus cannot release sexuality, get extremely pleasant sensation.

 Exactly, during sex, the man is ejaculation as an orgasm the ultimate label, if can give the clitoris with sufficient and appropriate sexual stimulation, whether masturbate or others operation, most women almost all can reach orgasm, however, in many couples sex process, not to understand or shy to an appropriate stimulus, this is very regrettable.

 Therefore, sexual excitement, the clitoris and penile erectile function, same, have the clitoris head has rich nerve endings, feeling extremely sensitive. During sex, to the clitoris stimulation, already but self also can be by a spouse operation, when stimulated should be turned up, use the clitoris wrapping besmear lubricants for cricoid or the finger gently back and forth friction, right now, can also get spouse cooperation, the effect will be better, proper comfortable clitoris operation, often make the woman in a very short period of time will be accumulated and demonstrating strong sexuality, thereby gaining height of sexual satisfaction.

 Of course, the success of the clitoris operation, also need to couple's close cooperation, in the operating process, the woman need to provide timely feedback information, so as to guide the man made or adjust the woman need stimulate action; The woman also answer with rippling posture, through the appropriate position and posture, accept the man's affection. At present, the western countries married couples, clitoris operation rate as high as 88 percent. China's relevant data also show that with the increase of the degree of civilization, couples sexual life, clitoris operation scale also are getting increasing.

 Required point out is, orgasm, and not just get through the clitoris operation of this unique approach, operating just as a sex clitoris preparation and complement, true sexual satisfaction, or most of the expectations of ─ ─ through sexual achieve satisfied. In other words, a good sex life, not only is both sides physiological satisfaction, and was both psychological pleasures, if only pursues the clitoris operation of sense enjoyment, as time passes, I'm afraid I will dull, even trigger antipathy, disgust.